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Our mission at Red-Tailed Drones is to bring the endless applications of drone technology into the hands of people and businesses throughout north Texas. We take care of the legal and safety qualifications so you don't have to, it has never been easy to have your property captured from the sky.

With over five years of flight experience, our pilots are highly experienced and aware of the ever changing sUAS regulations. All flights are planned with an emphasis on safety, insured to cover any possible damages and approved by the FAA.

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Flight Plans



   Whether you are a real estate agent looking to highlight a property, or a proud homeowner thinking about your next add-on renovation; we can display the architecture of the home along with the features that make it unique using a fully encompassing perspective.  


   Large scale residential. With such a vast property to capture, traditional photography can rarely do it justice. We can help you get a lay of the land when planning to create food plots or to highlight the features that make your ranch unique. Our mission is to help you make the most of your land, capturing it from an encompassing perspective.




   We understand you take pride in your business, and it is our goal to help you depict and achieve your mission. Aerial imagery is a concept that can be applied to reduce time on inspections and planning, as well as marketing your business' services and facilities.



   Plan new projects or renovations using up to date aerial imagery. Monitor your sites to ensure you are at maximum efficiency. When the project is done, capture your work to be marketed to future clients. 


   When searching for a venue, space and the portrayed aesthetic are key factors. We want to help you capture the environment your venue creates through a unique perspective. Using our photos and video you can promote your venue and continue to bring people together.




   Roofing, pipelines, powerlines, etc... Charged hourly with a same day turnaround time. Capture images or video of hard to reach places or large areas spotting damage, drainage issues or tracking the spread of plant disease such as oak wilt.




   Great club conditions and upkeep are on the top of potential golfers lists . Don't leave your reputation up to online reviews, show off your course using aerial photos and videos so golfers know exactly what to expect from your training facilities, clubhouse, and course. 



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